Bundling volumes at consolidation hubs
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Consolidation of container barge volumes starts on 5 November  
The action plan container barge handling aimed at permitting stable growth of the port through greater efficiency for all partners in the supply chain, was signed by members of the Antwerp port community on 19 April. The various agreements are based on three main components: planning & collaboration, consolidation and digitisation. The pilot projects for centralised barge planning and consolidating volumes at consolidation hubs will start this autumn.

Bundling volumes at consolidation hubs

A pilot project lasting 2 or 3 months is due to start on 5 November. The aim of the consolidation is to increase the call sizes for barges at the maritime terminals and to make handling more efficient.

How it works
  • Barges with a total of 30 or more containers to be unloaded and/or loaded can still call directly at the maritime container terminals in the port.
  • Barges with lower call sizes (less than 30 moves) must collaborate so as to consolidate their loads. Consolidation hubs are being made available for this purpose within the port and in the European hinterland.
  • The transhipment costs for users at the hub will be limited during the pilot period to 5 euros per container in the hinterland and 10 euros in the port.
  • The consolidation hubs will ensure that the consolidated loads are delivered in good time to the maritime terminals, at a fixed transport tariff per hub.

Consolidation hubs in the port and in the hinterland

Hubs in the port
  • PSA Antwerp (quay 667)
  • ATO (quay 364)
Hubs in the hinterland
  • Albert canal corridor: BCTN Meerhout and Haven Genk NV
  • Brussel-Scheldt corridor: TCT Willebroek
  • South and Middle Netherlands and Rhine-Maas corridor: CCT Moerdijk, LCG Gorinchem, DeCeTe Duisburg
  • Terneuzen-Ghent-Northern France corridor: Stukwerkers Gent

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Pilot project for central barge planning

The pilot project for central barge planning (i.e. scheduling) starts on 1 October, one month before the consolidation project. There will be one central unit for drawing up the schedule of barge loading/unloading operations at the PSA, DP World and MPET terminals in the port of Antwerp. This unit will also make sure that the schedule is followed. This will be done using special scheduling software and the Barge Traffic System (BTS) for advance booking of slots.

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